About Us

This site, Delve Into Excellence, would be the culmination of an adventure that started two weeks before Thanksgiving in 2012. That morning I walked into the office and the boss said, “the big guy wants to see us.” I said, can’t you tell him I already left. I didn’t have any reason to need to see him. Of course the outcome wasn’t good

 and we had chicken for Thanksgiving that year.

So, a friend when he found out said his wife’s job looked bleak a while back and she sent some requests about making money from home. Her job turned out alright and she never opened them… “I’ll send them to ya.”

During that next year, 10 months of it were spent doing two things. Sending out resumes and watching webinars about making money online. I purchased a couple programs along the way (some can be either 7 or 49 dollars) but every time it turned out that no matter how simple that particular program was to implement, it still needed a budget to advertise. And in that time I told several people that, “I’m on unemployment. Buying it WAS my budget”!  There were many others that were simply priced way out of any question of trying.

It turned out that one of those systems I tinkered with was operating through the GVO family of companies, who’s variety of different systems are renowned and take up some space now on this landing page. But in the beginning I didn’t even know why I was there.

It was not part of our deal in that particular one for me to know what an e-responder did. All I was supposed to do was send him money and make a couple video’s. In fact I didn’t even care to find out what an auto-responder did. I even said to him (not verbally, telepathically. Don’t know if he got it though) that anybody that would even attempt to try to show me how to make one work. I would be betting they would pull their hair out before I figured out how to work one of the stupid things.

Long story short with this. I listened to GVO’s owner say enough times that, “it all starts with a domain” till I ended thinking of what I thought were some catchy sounding ones. And they are only around 15 bucks a year so… There too is where Mark Call and Terry Anglin came into my sphere, who make up Smart Marketing Coaching. I am in Terry’s V tech team now.

And to give you a little insight into the, acquiring a domain game. V tech stands for Virtual Technologies Team. GVO is short for Global Virtual Technologies. So if you happen to find yourself in the position of typing in some name that gets kicked back as taken. Just do a little phishing around using slight variations, and the chances are good you can find something close to it that isn’t.

Another person on the short list of people I trust is Vick Strizhaus. Just a little over a year ago he said. “Find a mentor, you will not be able to navigate starting up on your own.” It was then it looked like “the student had caught up the teacher… ”  Because I ALREADY KNEW THAT!

As I am finishing up this “about us” page for what now will be known as the… landing page. Silly me for thinking it was a website! And looking back on what it has taken to get this far. With Terry practically doing everything for me. And Vick having a complete system all ready to be set up (I just can’t afford them both) whoever it was that decided this tab should be called what it is, knew a thing or two. I am a single guy that cannot even mention any of this to my daughters. Since all I get is a, “they’ll just take your money dad”!

More than once I have reminded Terry along the way that I could not be doing this without him. So if I have learned anything thus far, it is that this process definitely takes an “us.” And that is what it is all “about.”

Join us on the META. And be sure to watch Earl Nightingale’s “The Strangest secret”