Social media, Smochil media. you’d have to be old to get that~

or a three stooges fan!

Of all the things having changed in the time I have been perusing this online industry journey. The most came from social media. There was always Facebook. Which I had a me page most of the time. I said mostly because I was booted off there for quite some time. Had a You-Tube channel that was run by the guy behind the camera, before Google got a hold of it. Since then I have had to make them and upload myself! But, haven’t made many, just a couple so far! I made up a page on LinkdIn just because I ran into a couple people that were big on there. And, it let me. They still think I’m there looking for a job. I thought Twit… Well, I called it that ’cause it was, as long as that ‘twit’ owned it! Watched him plenty when he was visiting Congress! It was more entertaining than fb though. Now I have got a blue ck. to get to where I can get one of those phones! They are WAY more expensive than what I first heard!

Insti… (forget about it!) When I seen the warning that any videos put there could be highjacked and they could do anything they wanted to, to it! I just put pic’s there now. I did set up on Parlor, but couldn’t get it back after it was slammed shut! Tic Tok (not interested) and poor/rich Mike! You-Tube has gone whack lately, and it looks all the sudden to be a lot harder to upload since the last one I put up! Have thought about Rumble since it has been rumblin’! That ‘sensor’ thing -n- all! Then I found out it and Locals were the same company. I already had the urge to buy stock in Rumble (when such time as came about) when I seen they went public. So with some effort, they wouldn’t let me at first start a community on Locals. I thought going kind of upscale on Gutfeld would do me some good. But it didn’t! They finally caved with giving me a community and the first question was, what do you want to call it! That set it back for a while, and I came up with something but they thought it was too long! So now it’s just delv. But…

There is, and will be content there that will not be posted anywhere else! Not that anything I have will be much more than milk toast. And basically geared toward just helping others to get an online presence going. But I have seen a shift in another area since way back when. From the top niches being, #1) make money online, #2) health and fitness, and #3) relationships and dating. Now folks are making bank with doing current events! They are generally outside the mainstream, and for that very reason they are safer outside the tentacles of where they could be banned. Or given a lot of grief, just for their opinions and exposing the truth. Here is a portion of the email I got from Locals when I was accepted.

Members can see and like all free posts on your newsfeed, but cannot post and comment.
Supporters have access to all content and the ability to comment and upload their own posts.
You set the price!

As to that last part. GG started at 7$ to become a member. Russel Brand has said his is 6$. And given that they are huge successes and I am just a pion in this space. I have concluded that 4$ is enough. It isn’t much and if I become good at it and provide some current events of my own, that if nothing else could be a start to getting me to the point where I can FIRE MY BOSS. I don’t like him all that much anyway! And, there are plenty of other things to be said about the current state of affairs going on around US! For this reason their logo is set first in my soc med section. And I invite all interested to come and discuss how it is! The link’s are below. Thank you for your time.

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