THANK YOU, and here is a short introduction.

It has been said by more than one there are literally millions of people who are on this internet for the purpose of finding life changing opportunities and wanting to have the life that most just simply cannot obtain. They also say going into the business of helping these folks achieve any kind of success at this can be a gratifying and remarkably profitable (see Earnings Disclaimer below) undertaking.

As for this author, as soon as it was revealed there were regular folks making money from the internet!! I was practically dumbfounded! Having grown up before there were computers. That didn’t take up entire floors of buildings anyway, so they never seemed of much interest to me. Having a career and later a PC that I could do exactly three things on was good. Watching You-Tube videos, reading emails, and banking online, which even THOSE things took a LOT of coaching, and were enough. 

I knew that if your name was Gates or Zuckerburgh or Google that you were raking in the doe, but regular people! In the words of Mr. Mellencamp and my sister among others, “who’d a thunk it”? But no sooner than I discovered this phenomenon I knew I wanted to get to show others how this new wonder could work for them! I was getting to the point I didn’t want to drive a truck anymore along with everything else anyway.

Thus began the beginnings of “Delve….” and “The Few Things….”.  And this is no bragging thing since it has taken years of work to get this far, and as it is now I can better give to others information and assistance to help them along their way!! I did not want to be caught up in a situation of the rest of my life being spent getting that once a month check that runs out WAY before the month does. And THIS would be my ticket out of the mess and brutal ending to the life that was heading my way!! 


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