I am now all a twitter, just not showered in any glitter. Baring ‘semblances of getting on, original hair color gone. The mirror saying every day, smooth skin is going away. So not looking forward to not having, to be a door greeter. Life has taken a turn, making the rest look much sweeter.



Like any other upright guru..

Vick is doing fantastically well and I am proud to be a lifetime member. Like all entrepreneurs he knows that not many come jumping in with ‘all fours’ just by seeing something like this! So, there is a superb free training course on how to actually start on the internet as a source of income. You will have to set up an account, no credit card required though. And you can start with “The 7 Steps To Freedom”  as an introduction as to what you can expect! 

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There is something special in the works, and has to do with precious metals.. I will keep you posted and informed about that soon.. 

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